Making the books available
Authors/publishers intending to have their books reviewed in ICHR are requested to send two copies of the book by post/courier, free of cost, to the Executive Editor, ICHR in the following address: Dr. Jose Kalapura, Xavier Institute of Social Research, Digha Ghat, P. O., PATNA-800 011, Email [email protected] with copy marked to [email protected] The book will be forwarded to one of the two Review Editors and a communication link with the author/publisher and the respective Review Editor will be established. The completed Book Review may be forwarded to the Executive Editor for preparing the total text of the journal issue for publication.

Expectations of a Book Review
The preliminary requirements of a book to be reviewed, before it is processed, are appropriateness of the theme of the book to the goals and scope of the journal. Also, the book should have been published during the two years preceding the current issue of the journal. A book review should comment upon the following: the relevance of the book in enhancing Indian Church History study, objectives/themes of the book, contents/organization of the book, contribution to the specific branch of knowledge, conceptual clarity, logic of arguments, methodology, originality, language and presentation, applicability to Indian Church in the case of a foreign book, and potential readership and utility.

Typescript for Book Review
A book review should be submitted in digital format, in double space on A4 paper, and should not exceed 1200 words. The title of the review should contain the following details: 1) Name(s) of the author(s)/editor(s), 2) Full title of the book (italicized), 3) place of publication, 4) name of publisher/s, 5) year of publication, 6) number of pages (Roman numbers and Arabic numbers), 7) price of the book (if available), 8) type of binding (HB/PB) and 9) ISBN number. For example, Julius Richter, A History of Missions in India, (tr) Sydney H. Moore, (Christian Classics Revived-4) (New Delhi: Christian World Imprints, 1924), reprinted 2014, pp viii+472, List price: Rs. 1440, Hardbound, ISBN: 9789351480051.

Book Review Essay
A book review essay is an in-depth review of a book presented in essay form. While a book review essay should comment upon all the criteria outlined above, it could also present a comparison of books on the same theme. A book review essay may go up to 4,000 words.

Every scheduled book review is copy-edited. The reviewer’s concurrence to copy-editing is assumed, unless specified otherwise by the reviewer.

Book Reviews are scheduled in general issues by the Executive Editor, according to the order of arrival, quality of the book and contemporary relevance. A maximum of six months should be expected to process the publication. The author/publisher who sends a book for review will get a copy of the ICHR journal issue in which the concerned review is published. The Book Review Editor is entitled to retain the book presented for review as well as a complimentary copy of the journal issue in which the review gets published.

Dr. Jose Kalapura, SJ,
Executive Editor, ICHR,
Nov 10, 2021

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