Notes for Contributors to ICHR

Contributors are requested to follow ICHR’s Style guidelines 2014 which is published in all issues of the journal and is posted in CHAI Website at It will help immensely for faster processing and error-free editing, if writers follow the recommended style sheet, especially with regard to citation and preparation of endnotes/references.

ICHR welcomes original research papers pertaining to the History of Christianity in India.
• The word count of the articles must be between 4000 to 8,000 words, including notes and references. Five hundred words more or less may be accommodated.
• Contributions should be sent in digital format, through email. All manuscripts must be typed in double space in Times New Roman font (size 12) with adequate margins on all sides of A4 paper.
• The articles should have an introduction and conclusion with sub-titles all serially numbered in Arabic numerals. An abstract of less than 200 – 300 words and five key words would be preferred.
• Article should be accompanied by a brief (10−15 lines) author introduction (to be sent in a separate file through email) with focus on academic pursuits and achievements preferably related to Church History. All the communication details of the contributor, such as email ID, phone number, and the postal mailing address for sending the published journal, must be given in this mail.
• Papers should not have been simultaneously submitted for publication to another journal or book. If the paper has appeared earlier in a different version, reference should be made in the paper which is submitted.
• Receipt of articles will be immediately acknowledged by email.
• Every effort is taken to complete early processing of the papers we receive. Preference will be given to those papers which are competent and therefore needs minimum editing and are error-free with regard to style of referencing. Articles will be refereed first before editing. It can therefore take up to three months for a final decision on whether the paper is selected for publication. The Executive Editor will get back to the contributor for clarifications or may suggest revision for which the contributor must oblige. Please note that selection of a paper is an editorial judgment.
• Article accepted for publication can take up to six months from the date of submission to its publication.
• Contributors whose article gets published in ICHR is entitled to get a complimentary copy of the respective ICHR issue. For additional copy contact the Business Manager ICHR at Bangalore. No honorarium/remuneration is given for article contributon.
• Copyright of all articles published in the Journal belongs to ICHR.
Permission for Reproduction
• No published article or part thereof should be reproduced in any form without prior permission of the publisher.

Address for communication:
Business Manager ICHR,
Dharmaram College,
Dharmaram College, P. O.
Email [email protected] with copy marked to [email protected]

Articles for publication should be sent to the Executive Editor at
[email protected] with a copy marked to [email protected]

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